Campaigning Rules

Rules of campaigning- 2017

1. A copy of all campaign materials should be sent to the DEA office, in care of the Elections Chairperson, at, or prior to, distribution time. *

2. Each candidate may request a list of BAR’s from each building and a list of members from each building. Each candidate may post two (2) posters/flyers at the DEA office during campaigning time.*

3. DEA office equipment and supplies may be used for elections/campaign material, with a limit of two (2) sets of flyers per candidate. If additional materials are requested, a fee will be charged.** Do not use school equipment, or it will make your candidacy invalid.

4. Each candidate for offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer will be given a two (2) minute speech at the May BAR meeting prior to the election (if that is an office open that year). A lottery system will be used to determine the order of speakers. All other candidates will have the opportunity to meet BAR’s after the formal meeting.** (All candidates need to be prepared to give a 2 minute speech if the Executive Board deems it necessary.)

5. You may not use sick leave time or personal time to go visit other schools to campaign or prepare materials to campaign.

6. You are entitled to an observer the day the ballots are counted. They can not help in the counting.

7. No campaigning until Monday, April 3, 2017 at midnight (Don’t even deliver materials until that day and time). Follow all given deadlines because they are firm.

8. Those running for office are not permitted to be in the room during the election. No campaign materials or talking to others about or recommending the candidates in the voting room.

Any questions, please contact David Romick or Lori Moodie.

Thank you,

Lori Moodie Elections Chairperson.

*Page 19 of the appendix to the Constitution and By-Laws.

** Page 20 of the appendix to the Constitution and By-Laws.

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