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Office:  DEA President

David Romick

President, Dayton Education Association

Dayton, Ohio

David Romick is currently serving his third two-year term as the President of the Dayton Education Association.  David earned his BA from the College of Wooster in 1986, his MA in Educational Leadership from the University of Cincinnati in 2003, and his Intervention Specialist license in 2009.  He is a veteran teacher, with twenty-five years in the Dayton Public Schools teaching Language Arts, and Special Education.  David has been involved in Union activities for fifteen years, serving four years as the Vice-President of the Dayton Education Association.  He has also served DEA Members as Negotiations Chair, Legislative Chair, Building Representative, Faculty Council Chair, and currently also serves as co-chair of the Ohio 8 Coalition, which is focused exclusively on the needs of Urban, high-poverty districts in Ohio.

His simple philosophy – Focus on the Local – establishing and using connections at the District, State, and National levels, has enabled Members to have unprecedented access to both Local and OEA Services.




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to be your next DEA President!

I grew up in Sandusky, Ohio. My interests were Biology and Music and I was a member of the Concert and Marching band as a Sandusky Blue Streak. My interests followed me to Bowling Green State University as a Falcon Marching Band member.
Douglas, my father was a police captain and a proud FOP member. He always reminded his four daughters that the food and clothing he as able to provide for us was because of the union (Fraternal Order of Police).
I enjoyed many years working at Cedar Point. This was a way for all of my siblings to pay for college. NOTE: This was the last time I have ever had to punch a time clock.
I met my husband Peter while he was singing as Model the tailor in Fiddler on the Roof in our High School Musical. After he graduated from Miami University and during his second year of law school at Georgetown University in Washington DC, we got married. NOTE: He asked me to marry him on the U.S. Capital steps!
After a few years of teaching I was able to stay at home and parent, chauffer, and cheer for our three children. Education was and is an important part of our family.
Ryan our oldest graduated from University of Cincinnati where he earned a Master of Architecture Degree. After working in Amsterdam, Shanghai and Beijing, he is now an Architect working in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Caitlin, our daughter graduated from Miami of Ohio and attended Toledo Medical School. She is now completing a fellowship at Harvard and is working at a physician at Mass General in Boston. She is married to her husband Nick and has two beautiful baby boys, Theo and Ben.
Our youngest is our daughter Maureen, attended BGSU and completed a degree in Graphic Design. She just secured a job with Landor in Cincinnati as a graphic designer, and is looking forward to traveling wherever her job takes her.
I have been a teacher for many years and most recently in ED classrooms where the challenges are many. I started with DPS working at Gardendale Academy and then was placed at Dayton Boys Prep where we continue to be some of the last of the Gardendale Staff still working in the district. The transition was a difficult one. The support for the students is lacking also. Many times they are misplaced and often do not make it to school. I have served and chaired Faculty Council, and my accomplishments include 2016 Master Teacher Licensure, 2016 ESL/ELA certification, 2010 Dayton Rotary Excellence in Teaching Award, 2008 Dayton Public Schools Teacher of the Year.
I am very active in DEA. I am on the executive board and I have served on the LPDC committee for 3 years, helping members gain and maintain their licensure. I also am the chair of the LPDC this year and I take very seriously my job as I sign the licenses on the ODE website. I serve as chair of the Human Resources committee that hosted the cookout in the fall and the Dragons game in May. I decided to run for President of DEA because I have become a beacon and friend, and an advocate to many young and veteran teachers. They are frustrated and leaving in numbers I cannot believe. They feel unsupported by our district and our union.


I am a teacher, I am in the classroom TODAY! , I understand the joys and difficulties.  I pledge to be in your building at least once a month to see what I can do to make your year the most successful yet!


Office:  Elections Chair


Please vote for Carrie Rowland for Elections Chairperson !

Hi, my name is Carrie Rowland, and I’m running for Elections Committee Chairperson.  I am running for Elections Committee Chairperson because I know voting for our leadership both in our local union offices and voting for our representatives to OEA and WOEA is one of the most important rights we have as union members.   We need a strong team with a commitment to transparency and encouraging all members to exercise their right to vote.  I know I have the experience and commitment to do that for DEA.


I am UNION  PROUD – born and raised.  My father was a fourth generation union railroader before he retired a few years ago.  My brother is now a union railroader in Virginia.  My paternal grandmother was a member of OAPSE  (Ohio Association of Public School Employees) as a food service worker and my maternal grandfather was a union school custodian.


While growing up, my family “chased the railroad” through four states.  I lived in Ohio, New York, Kentucky, and Virginia never feeling like I had a home before moving to Dayton and starting work for Dayton Public Schools in 2003.  I finished my Masters Degree in 2005 at UD.  Throughout the last 14 years, Dayton has become home.


During my time at Dayton Public Schools, I’ve taught for 7 years at Edison Elementary and 7 years at  Dayton Boys Prep Academy.   My classroom is a special education resource room currently serving students grades K-5.   I am also DBPA’s OEC Coordinator and  BAR.   You may also know me from  summer PD I take every year.


Finally, thank you for taking the time to log in, read these bios and be active in the election process.    I hope you will take the next step and vote on May 10.  Of course, I would appreciate if one of those votes is for me.  J




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