Anti-Union Scam Campaigns

  Right now in Ohio, billions are being spent in an attempt to scam and mislead us into leaving our union. But here’s the truth: we only have power in numbers.   Don’t be fooled – DEA/OEA/NEA is here to protect schools and give us the voice we deserve!   Learn more

Urge Congress to Provide Aid to State and Local Governments – Ohio Education Association

  Please join fellow OEA members in asking their representatives in the U.S. Congress to include funding for state and local governments in the next COVID-19 relief package. This federal legislation should also include money for more worker protections for school employees and greater internet access for students.   OEA members are calling on Congress […]

Employee Assistance Program

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Rally Interest: DEA to Statehouse

  The Ohio Education Association in conjunction with the Ohio Federation of Teachers, the Ohio School Boards Association, and the Ohio Association of School Administrators is planning a massive rally at the Ohio Statehouse in support of Senate Bill 89 (the Voucher Bill that would also halt State Takeovers). The Dayton Education Association is pleased […]


OEA RA New Business Item 12.7.19


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