July 16- Negotiation Update

There is a Negotiation Update available on the DEA webpage. You will need the website password to see this page. If you do not remember the password, please ask another teacher. Please do not post the password on Facebook.   LIKE and Share this Post with your friends to get the word out! If you […]


THANK YOU to all DEA Members, Family, and Friends who came out 200+ STRONG in a show of SOLIDARITY! LIKE and Share this Post with your friends to get the word out! If you are not following the Dayton Education Association Facebook page Click HERE! Click on LIKE

Our Negotiation Team Needs YOU!

If not now, When? If not you, Who? Our negotiation team needs YOU Because YOU are the Power! YOU ARE DEA! If you want to change the direction of the current negotiations, Meet at 4th and Ludlow on TUESDAY, July 15 at 5:00! Unfortunately for those who could not attend the All Member Meeting at […]

I Will Save a Spot for You!

Have you added Tuesday, July 15 to your calendar? Our Negotiation team will be meeting Tuesday morning. At 5:00 when our Negotiation team meet us at the corner of Fourth and Ludlow, will they be overwhelmed by our show of support? Our Negotiation Team Needs YOU to EMPOWER Them! I will be there and save […]

The Power of ONE

We often hear about the Power of One. One person takes a stand and changes the world for the better. Superman flies in and saves the day! In reality, one person becomes a catalyst, a change-agent, a rallying cry. The truth is we are strongest when individuals come together to become ONE. This is our […]

Our Mission

We, the Dayton Education Association, will encourage professionalism; advocate the rights of members; and demonstrate a positive commitment to the enhancement of "Public Education."