Anti-Union Scam Campaigns


Right now in Ohio, billions are being spent in an attempt to scam and mislead us into leaving our union. But here’s the truth: we only have power in numbers.


Don’t be fooled – DEA/OEA/NEA is here to protect schools and give us the voice we deserve!


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Urge Congress to Provide Aid to State and Local Governments – Ohio Education Association


Please join fellow OEA members in asking their representatives in the U.S. Congress to include funding for state and local governments in the next COVID-19 relief package. This federal legislation should also include money for more worker protections for school employees and greater internet access for students.


OEA members are calling on Congress to earmark $175 billion for education in the next federal coronavirus relief package to help mitigate the harm to students caused by budget cuts at the state and local levels. That funding is urgently needed in Ohio, particularly in the wake of Governor DeWine’s intention to cut $465 million in education funding in the current fiscal year which ends in June.


 “Teachers have been heroic in their efforts to engage and educate their students while schools are closed, but there are tremendous challenges,” DiMauro said. “Many families don’t have internet access or enough devices for their children; many parents can’t help their children through the school day because they are frontline workers who must be out of the home. The challenges are especially great in the state’s poorer school districts,” he explained.


The OEA, Ohio’s largest teachers’ union, has been in touch with the offices of Ohio Senators Brown and Portman to urge their support for federal action. “Only the federal government has the resources to stabilize education funding in the country right now. Our federal lawmakers have a duty to provide the funding our kids need,” DiMauro said.


OEA members can contact to their representatives in Congress at

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Rally Interest: DEA to Statehouse


The Ohio Education Association in conjunction with the Ohio Federation of Teachers, the Ohio School Boards Association, and the Ohio Association of School Administrators is planning a massive rally at the Ohio Statehouse in support of Senate Bill 89 (the Voucher Bill that would also halt State Takeovers). The Dayton Education Association is pleased to offer a limited number of Association Leave days for Executive Board members and Building Representatives who would like to attend.

The rally will be held on Wednesday, March 18 at the Ohio Statehouse in downtown Columbus from 3pm until 5pm. If interested you must commit to arrive by 2:30pm in order to get parked and be on the grounds of the Statehouse by 3pm. You must also commit to stay until the event concludes, or 5pm, whichever occurs first.

DEA will gather requests to attend from members and then provide all interested members with an email that says either:
YES: Immediately request Association Leave, or
HOLD: you’re on the wait list.

The confirmation email will contain further details and instructions for requesting DEA Association Leave from DPS to attend.


DEA is pleased to provide Association Leave and CEU contact hours for DEA members who attend, however, no additional reimbursements are available. Carpooling is encouraged.

IMPORTANT: DEA is prohibited from using Association Leave for a member who is responsible for state testing on March 18. Therefore, please check your calendar and lesson plans closely before completing this form.



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