Target ZERO

DEA Target_ ZER◎Campaign

When you experience an injury at work or an assault on the job, it is critical to report the incident. Despite an increased focus on safety, classrooms are in crisis due to a high number of students with complex needs and a lack of resources to help address challenging behaviors. In addition to accidental injuries, DEA members report being assaulted by students as young as four years old. Teachers have been bitten, kicked, scratched, or punched at work.  The DEA is launching the Target Zero Campaign to make sure every single injury or assault is reported so we have accurate data to address the issue. 

Why should I report every injury or assault?        

Failing to report an injury or assault, no matter how minor the incident might seem, does not help our students or ourselves. Without documenting the incident, we can’t learn from it and advocate for safer workplaces. When it comes to assault, without documentation we can’t advocate for our students to get the support, interventions, or placement they may need to address the underlying issue.  

If you don’t report an injury or assault, we also can’t advocate for you, the educator, to receive the administrative support, medical follow-up, or assault leave you may be entitled to. On a district level, without the data compiled from injury and assault reports, we can’t advocate for safety measures, consistent discipline, or other necessary changes. 

Will I get pushback if I report an injury or assault? 

The DEA has no tolerance for any retaliation by administrators for reporting an injury or assault. You are protected by both the DEA Master Agreement and the law. If  you feel you are experiencing any type of retaliation or  pressure as a result of your decision to report an injury or assault, speak to your BAR or call the DEA office immediately at (937) 224-7236

What should I do if I am injured or assaulted? 

  1. If you need immediate medical attention, get it. Take pictures of visible injuries.  
  2. Immediately contact your administrator and your BAR to let them know an injury or assault has taken place. 
  3. Make sure to complete a Workplace/Injury Report HERE, and in the case of an assault, include an OnCourse discipline referral as well. Make copies for your files. 
  4. Refrain from making any verbal or written statements until you talk to the DEA.
  5. If you have utilized sick leave as a result of injuries sustained from an injury or assault, you may be eligible to receive Workmans’ Comp and  Assault Leave. Consult Article 38 of our contract for more info on assault leave.  
  6. Your principal should contact the appropriate personnel and secure written statements from all parties involved. You should request copies. 
  7. As soon as possible, write a detailed statement of the incident for your personal files. 
  8. Keep all records of the incident. 
  9. You should keep DEA and your administrator apprised of all developments.
  10. Email the statement/incident report to DEATARGETZERO@GMAIL.COM

Hard copy of form, click this link.