Local Professional Development Committee

DEA Committee Members: Denette Carpenter, Taundra Johnson , Bridget Federspeil (Newbury), Dana Darling (Co-chair), Mark Fairhurst

Please contact a committee member if you need assistance or have questions.

From DPS Human Resources: 20191104 LPDC Fillable Manual 

  1. All Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDP’s) and Equivalent Activities documents will be turned in at Human Resources  at Ludlow.
    1. Monday through Friday  8:00 am – 4:30 pm
  2. The 2019-20 LPDC meeting dates: 3rd Wednesday of the month (except November and May)
    1. August 19
    2. September 16
    3. October 21
    4. November 18
    5. December 16 (moved to June 2021)
    6. January 20
    7. February 17
    8. March 17
    9. April 21
    10. May 5 (1st Wednesday)
    11. May 19 (3rd Wednesday)
    12. June 2 (1st Wednesday)
    13. June 16 (3rd Wednesday–moved from December 2020)
  3. Licensure Renewals are now submitted online at http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Teaching/Educator-Licensure/Renew-Certificate-License
    1. You must first create an ODE ‘SAFE’ Account , and then follow the directions to submit your renewal online.  The appropriate esigner will receive an email stating that there is a renewal to review,  and this process is done online as well.
    2. Do you need to check you current license?
      1. Go to THIS WEBSITE and search for yourself in the ODE system.
      2. Once the system has found you, it will list your CREDENTIALS.
  4. You need to have 180 contact hours, 6 semester hours, 18 PDU’s or some combination earned after you submitted your IPDP.*
    1. How to earn hours for renewal
      1. Take college courses, either online or at a university.
      2. Take district sponsored workshops.
      3. Participate in building level committees, workshops, meetings.
      4. Take workshops from outside agencies.
      5. Earn credits through equivalent activity proposals.
  5. Fingerprinting for renewals can be obtained at Safety and Security
    1. Monday – Friday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
    2. Please go to Human Resources prior to going to Safety and Security for the fingerprinting form. Payment may be made by money order only, or current employees may choose payroll deduction.   If you have not lived in the state of Ohio for the past 5 years, you will pay $47.25 for both background checks.  If you have lived in Ohio during the past 5 years then you only need to obtain a FBI check and the cost is $22.

(*Dayton Public Schools no longer issues PDU’s for most of their trainings. You will receive contact hours. In order to prove those contact hours to the LPDC you will need to print your class history. It is that easy!)

Please contact a committee member if you need assistance or have questions.


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    (937) 224-7236

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