Local Professional Development Committee

From DPS Human Resources:

DPS licensed staff,

This is your monthly reminder that the next upcoming DPS LPDC meeting will be taking place digitally on Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 5:00 pm.

The LPDC is meeting through video-conference (Zoom or Google Meet) and will be able to process your LPDC documents at each monthly meeting. Please send any LPDC documents (IPDP, License Renewal, Equivalent Activity Proposals etc) though email to the LPDC at lpdc@daytonpublic.com.

If you want any documents processed at this next meeting, please have them scanned and “turned in” to this email address by 11:59 PM on the 19th.  If your documents are received after that point, we will attempt to get them processed at the meeting, but there will be no guarantee until the following meeting.   Obviously, the further in advance of the April 21’s meeting you can have your applications for license renewal, new IPDPs, EAPs, Continuing Contract applications etc. – the better and more helpful to the LPDC to conduct its business in a timely fashion.

You will continue to get an email response after submitting your documents that will allow you to know that they are going to be processed in time for the meeting.  It will say something approximately like:

“The LPDC has received your ______ (whatever type of documents you have submitted) as of (date and time received) and it will be processed at the ______ meeting.”  Again, this just provides confirmation to you.

Further reminder, this email address is the sole venue from which the LPDC is accepting documents.  This is a convenience and security protection for you due to the fact that when you send something to this email address, you’ll have date and time stamped evidence as to when your documents were submitted.  It also allows for the members of the LPDC to change over time without the address to which you are sending documents needing to change as well.

Please continue to remind your peers to send all licensure and professional development “credit” documentation to LPDC@daytonpublic.com email address.

If you currently hold a Resident Educator License, then this email does not apply to you.


What are the requirements for the License Renewal Reflection?

At the 3/17/21 LPDC meeting we tried to put together some clearer guidance for the professional reflection that is required as a part of the license renewal process.  This was due to us receiving many different interpretations of what a 1 page, 5 paragraph minimum document actually is.  Is one sentence a paragraph?  Is one paragraph that is more than a page long acceptable? etc.

We are now going to go with word count which is easily obtained in any word processing option (Word or Google Docs).  From the April 2021 meeting and forward, the LPDC will be looking for a reflection that is at least 300 words.  The intent is that this should be a double spaced, 12 point font full page document.  We aren’t going to continue to focus on the number of paragraphs or specifically page length.  Generally speaking, however, approximately 300 words is considered to be approximately 1 page of text.  Depending upon your word choice, it may be more or less than a page, but we are asking that at minimum you reach 300 words in your personal professional reflection.


When do I submit my NEW IPDP?

When working through the renewal process, please do not submit your new IPDP with your renewal application.  You should have received your new license (and will need to refer to it) in order to complete your new IPDP.  In full transparency, we are honoring coursework that you might be taking over a summer where these timelines might not line up exactly.

If you held an RE license and recently received your 5 yr. Professional License, please complete the attached IPDP form and send to lpdc@daytonpublic.com along with a copy of your NEW license


How do I get credit for the Professional Development I am doing?

Please remember that you cannot earn Contact Hours or Semester credit until you have a Time Stamped “Dayton Public Schools” IPDP (having an IPDP from another school district does not allow you to earn DPS renewal credits, you MUST have a DPS IPDP) – check your LPDC file to make sure you have an approved IPDP.  

If your ODE License expires this year (June 30, 2021) you need to submit your Renewal packet to the LPDC committee for approval.  You need to submit forms: #1, your original IPDP form, a typewritten reflection (minimum of 300 words), a copy of your current license, and documentation for renewal (180 contact hours – print off TeachPoint account, or 6 semester hours – college transcript or any combination of the two. 3 credit hours and 90 contact hours, for example).  Attached is the LPDC Manual.

DEA contract supersedes State guidelines and all Renewals for a license expiring on June 30, 2021 MUST be turned in to the LPDC by May 30, 2021.  See DEA contract language below:

31.08  Renewal of Certificate/License
Teachers who have a certificate/license expiring on June 30 of any year will have a deadline of May 30 of the same calendar year to be completely and unconditionally approved by the LPDC for renewal.  Failure to obtain certificate/license renewal by this date may result in the position held by the teacher being filled by an appropriately certified/licensed teacher.


How Do I Schedule a Background Check?

Background checks are required every 5 years and you can find this information on your OH/ID account.  ODE may not approve your new license until they receive documentation that your Background Check is up to date, and ODE is not good about telling you that is why your license is in Pending mode, so get your Background Check updated before you apply.  Safety and Security will do your Background Check and you can schedule your appointment through this ONLINE SCHEDULER website:

This is a service that existed in the district previously, and is now fully restored for your convenience.  You can start signing up for background check appointments as of Monday, March 29, 2021.

If you can’t schedule via the link, you can always call 7000 and schedule directly.  You will need a money order for $47.25 payable to “Dayton Public Schools” or as a convenience to you, you can elect to pay for your background check via payroll deduction.

To apply to renew your license – this is done through your OH/ID account.  Click HERE

Once the LPDC approves your renewal then the co-chair will electronically approve your license at the meeting, then it goes back to ODE to approve.  Once they approve and issue you a new license – print your license off, fill out Form #1 and #2 (IPDP) and send it to LPDC to approve your new IPDP.

When applying to renew your license you may see a line that says:  Superintendent Signature.  What they are looking for is the school district or IRN number.  For Teachers the IRN # is:  014056, for all other staff the IRN# is:  043844 (if one does not work try the other). 

Once your IPDP is approved, please scan it into your Google Drive.  A best practice might be to create a folder in your Google Drive called “LPDC” or “Professional Development files” etc. This will allow you to never lose your original. With new IPDPs, the district can not go back to look for old versions.  Staff need to make sure you keep a copy of your IPDP.

All of the forms that are referred to in this email have been updated.  Please use the most up to date forms from the fillable LPDC manual (currently dated October 2019) which is included on this email.



We hope that you find this electronic process to be easy to navigate as our goal is to provide clear “customer service” to our staff. Between meetings if you need help or have questions, please reach out to one of the LPDC team members but we would also remind you that all of the LPDC members have jobs serving children during the day too.


LPDC Schedule


LPDC manual 2019 11-4.docx



Thanks. Have a great upcoming Spring Break!

LPDC Members:

Amy Ernst – alernst@daytonpublic.com

Bridget Newbury – bfedersp@daytonpublic.com

Bryan Ertsgaard – bertsgaa@daytonpublic.com

Catrina Bailey – cmbailey@daytonpublic.com

Bridget Federspeil – cmbailey@daytonpublic.com

Denette Carpenter – dlcarpen@daytonpublic.com

Judy Spurlock – jspurloc@daytonpublic.com

Kathy Borneman – klbornem@daytonpublic.com

Mark Fairhurst – mhfairhu@daytonpublic.com

Taundra Johnson – taujohns@daytonpublic.com

Dave Harmon – dharmon@daytonpublic.com


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